How to bring your business online in 5 days

Are you struggling
to sustain your business?
you are not alone

Here are some of the issues affecting SMEs caught in the middle of the ongoing crisis:

SMEs close

1 in 3 SMEs will be closing down due to poor cashflow

Full salaries to be paid

All SMEs are required to pay full salaries to employees during Covid-19

What to do

2 out of 3 SMEs are homebound without knowing what to do next

Why go online?

Give your client a glimpse of what you can do

Show them what you’ve got

People may be homebound these days, but they have access to the Internet. Taking your services online is the best way to get your message across.

A place for your existing prospect to contact you via email or whatsapp

Get contacted

The days of Yellow Pages are long gone. If you want to get noticed, you need to put yourself on a digital platform, where people can see you.

Nurture new prospect about your existence during MCO

Future Leads

You never know who might find your services useful once the MCO is over. Invest in a website now, and chances are you might get potential future leads

Why us?

Why Us

We are SMEs as well

We understand the pain SMEs are facing. Hence we decided to lower down our fees tremendously just to assist the SMEs to stay a float.

We will guide you

Essentially, we will build the landing page for you, and give you some strategies on promoting your website to your audiences.

Website Listing

Upon completing your website, we will be helping you to list the website on and do a shoutout for people to check out your website.